imagesIOZIOC29All over Southeast Virginia and Northeast North Carolina, there are thousands of lakes and ponds. Whether they are natural or manmade, lakes and ponds are a vital habitat and provide essential resources for a wide range of species.

Unfortunately, due to many factors such as storm water runoff, urban development, construction projects, nutrient leaching and runoff these lakes and ponds suffer from unsightly algae, foul odors, discoloration and invasive aquatic plant growth. All of which can cause serious problems and potentially expensive solutions. With proper management from our experienced and certified staff, these problems can be avoided.

We specialize in working with Homeowner Associations, Property Management Companies, Developers, Municipalities and Individual Homeowners to protect your investment by designing a cost-effective, environmental friendly management plan.

We also offer many other services including fountain installation and service, erosion repair, rodent control, invasive vegetation control and many more. Whether you have been cited by a Municipality for code violations or just want a healthier vibrant ecosystem in your lake or pond, Stormwater Pond Management has the knowledge, experience and staff to exceed your expectations.

Please feel free to contact us today for a customized plan for your lakes or pond.

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Stormwater Pond Management