Fish Stocking

Large Mouth Bass

Large Mouth Bass

Across our region property owners have several choices when it comes to the species of fish to stock there pond or lake with. To determine the best species you must you must first identify what the long term goal of adding fish to your pond or lake is.

Most often property owners stock there pond or lake for recreational fishing. Other uses may be aquatic vegetation control or mosquito control.

Our experience and data show us that largemouth bass and bluegills co-exist and are the two

Blue Gill

Blue Gill

most suitable species for fish stocking when recreational fishing is the main goal. Other commonly used fish species are channel catfish and red ear sunfish. The addition of a forage species such as minnows or crayfish will be needed until the eco-system can support itself.

Although aquatic vegetation is needed to support fish in the eco-system because they provide shelter and spawning grounds an overabundance of aquatic plant growth can be a detriment by consuming to much oxygen and suffocating fish. So a proper balance must be maintained. When aquatic plant growth becomes a nuisance the introduction of grass carp to the eco-system will help maintain that balance.

The introduction of a fish species such as the eastern mosquito fish to your pond can help control the mosquito population on your property. The species can survive in habitats conducive to large mosquito populations such as ponds, ditches, brackish water and marshes to name a few. Because they can swallow air directly from the atmosphere it allows them to survive in less than ideal conditions. Adding the mosquito fish will not eliminate the entire population but it will help in reducing it.

Stormwater Pond Management has years of experience in stocking and maintaining healthy environments. We maintain relationships with several fisheries on the east coast and often are invited to tour there facilities. We can recommend and introduce fish species and initial quantities to add to your pond or lake. Contact us today for an initial consulatation.

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