Fountains and Aeration Systems

Oxygen plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy eco-system in a pond or lake. There are a couple of easy indicators that can identify low oxygen levels.

  • Algae Growth– ponds or lakes without active aeration or gas exchanges provide ideal growing conditions for nuisance algae.
  • Foul Odors- in poorly oxygenated ponds or lakes decaying vegetation or other organic matter can emit distinctive “lake” smells.

There are several ways to increase the amount of oxygen. The two most common are fountains or subsurface aeration systems. Stormwater Pond Management is often called on to advise developers or general contractors at the planning stages of new development to determine which aeration system will best suit the needs of the pond or lake.

Does your pond or lake require a fountain or subsurface aeration system? Understanding the benefits of both systems will help determine which application will best suit your needs.

Fountain PictureFountains are not only visually pleasing and enhance the aesthetics of a pond or lake, their main purpose is to aerate (add oxygen) to the water. They do this by pulling water from the first 1-2 feet of water and propelling it into the air.

This process utilizes air-water contact to transfer the oxygen. As the water is propelled into the air it breaks into small droplets. The droplets collect oxygen while in the air. Upon returning to the body of water the droplets mix with the rest of the water transferring the oxygen back into the eco-system.

Choosing the right system is critical and depends on the amount of aquatic vegetation, the visual effect desired and the available power. We have experience installing all different sizes of fountains, nozzle patterns and with or without lighting kits. We are certified installers AuquaMaster, Otterbine and Vertex fountains.

AerationSub Surface Aerators- In some circumstances storm water ponds are constructed in areas of a property where they are not visible or these ponds. Since these ponds may be hidden by thick vegetation or at remote corners of a property sub surface aeration systems may be the best method for adding oxygen to the pond.

This process utilizes air being pumped from a shoreline compressor to a unit at the bottom of the pond. The bubbles emitted from the unit release oxygen when they come in contact with the water. The turbulence created by the release of the bubbles adds to the oxygen/water mixing.

Subsurface aeration systems can operate in depths of up to 40’, they are invisible and there is no electricity or moving parts near the water. This allows for safe water activities such as swimming, boating and fishing.

Stormwater Pond Management has experience installing various sub surface aeration sytems at varying depths. We are certified installers of AuquaMaster, Otterbine and Vertex aeration systems.

Protecting your Investment-

Maintaining your lake or pond aeration system is the key to ensure the long life of the system.

Our maintenance technicians are factory trained by several fountain manufactures and we can advise customers on the specific maintenance requirements. There are various issues that can occur with yourFountain Service 1 fountain the may require repair and our maintenance technicians have the knowledge to troubleshoot the situation and get your fountain operational.

Please feel free to give us a call today to discuss any installation or service needs that you may have.

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