About Us

Stormwater Pond Management is a full service Pond Maintenance Company serving all of Southeast Virginia and Northeast North Carolina. We offer a wide variety of services that will ensure your storm water pond complies with all regulating entities.

Our team of Pond Maintenance Technicians are committed to providing your pond with a level of customer service that is unmatched in our industry. We will strive to make your pond a healthy, vibrant ecosystem for all of the habitat both in and surrounding the body of water you entrust us to maintain.

Whether you call us for a one time pond maintenance treatment or a service plan you can be assured that we will communicate effectively the needs of your pond. We will treat each opportunity that we have to educate you on the approach we will be taking to solve your problems.

Besides pond maintenance we also offer a wide variety of services that a Association, Property Manager, Developer or Homeowner may require if the have a storm water retention pond or a fresh water pond on there property. We encourage you to visit or Services page to find out more about how Stormwater Pond Management can assist you.

Stormwater Pond Management

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