Wetland Vegetation

imagesWetlands vegetation serve many purposes. Besides being pleasing to the eye, the provide oxygen to the eco-system, soak up water around lakes or ponds, filter pollutants and sediment, and help prevent erosion.

Also, nearly all of the species of wetlands plants add valuable resources for wildlife. AnimalsPeltandraLV such as waterfowl, turtles and fish feed on the plants as well as the seeds. It also creates a habitat for these animals as well as birds and insects to live and breed.

Wetlands vegetation consist of grasses, plants, shrubs and trees that can grow in soil that is saturated for most of the year or completely submerged in the water (hyprophytes). The distinct groups of wetlands vegetation are shoreline, emerged, floating and submerged.

Key elements in selecting the correct vegetation are ensuring they can survive in the climate and they are not invasive. Meaning they will eventually hinder the growth of the entire eco-system.

Stormwater Pond Management can recommend and install the vegetation that is best suited for your ponds and lakes

Stormwater Pond Management

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