Erosion Repair

untitledIt’s important to understand what  erosion restoration is, but it may be even more   critical to find out ways to prevent it. Of course there are certain things  mother nature will bring that are inevitable but we must do what we can to   prevent devastation and destruction. In this case, prevent our shorelines from   erosion and losing land. When erosion first starts to occur, the land loss is   minimal in most cases and there is no sudden emergency for stopping it. However,   it will inevitably worsen through time and eventually what was once only 6” of   lost land, turns into 6’!

There are several ways to correct erosion problems on a property and we have the expertise to advise you on the corrective action that needs to take place. Often times minor erosion can be repaired by adding vegetation torip rap stabilize the soil.

We also have the ability to install bulkheads and rip rap to shorelines to prevent future erosion problems. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

Stormwater Pond Management

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