Nuisance Wildlife

Nuisance is defined in the dictionary as a person, thing or situation that is annoying or that causes problems.

muskratThere are several species of wildlife that are considered a nuisance in or around ponds or lakes. Two of the worst are Nutria and Muskrats. Both of these rodents are vegetarian so they feed on the vegetation that is common in or around ponds and lakes. They also burrow and create dens on the banks that can lead to extensive erosion or cave-ins. Strormwater Pond Management has professional trappers onuntitled staff to safely and humanely remove these pests.

Geese have a lack of natural predators and feed on the abundance of grass areas around ponds and lakes. Because of these factors their population has multiplied tremendously. The accumulation of droppings and feathers around ponds and lakes are not only unsightly, but could lead to health risks. There are many ways to discourage geese from settling on your property. While no single technique is universally accepted, Stormwater Pond Management can recommend and implement a pest management program specifically for the control of these nuisance waterfowl on your property.

mosquitoWe are also pleased to offer Mosquito Control in and around your pond or lake. Our Certfied Technicians will use a Larvacide to control existing mosquito larva which prevents them from developing into adult larva and breeding. We will also identify potential breeding grounds for adult mosquito’s and offer recommendations on ways to eliminate them.

Stormwater Pond Management

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